Car sharing Roma

Application area
city of Rome
Lazio Region
Start date
March 2005
End date
still in progress

Description of the practice

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Car sharing can represent today one valid alternative to owning a car for moving around the city. The project Car sharing Roma allows, through an annual subscription integrated with a booking system, to easily move using shareable public cars distributed and located over all the city, thus reducing costs for citizens and environment impact. The same car is available for more users at the same time and also usable individually by different citizens throughout the day.

Role of ICT in the practice

A dedicated I.T. management system for car sharing has been developed by ICS (Car Sharing Initiative). It is based on a common distributed architecture.
It is mainly built up by:
a call center system to access each local site for the necessary operations;
a local system for each company supporting the operations;
A computer connected to the local server and to the call center server onboard each car. It is equipped with a GPS system, an interface with the odometer, other interfaces with car equipment (lockers, windows, etc.), and uses GSM communications.
A VPN network provided by a carrier, connecting all the servers of the overall system.
Local and central systems are based on a client server architecture, in a Windows-Oracle environment. The services are managed through a personal smart card which also gives the possibility to access the cars.
The ICS circuit provides a 24 hour-call center service for all usual operations and to give any assistance to the users.

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